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    We provide a full range of legal services. Over the years, we have accumulated expertise, experience and an essential understanding of both the local and international markets that enables us to provide tailored services to our clients.

  • Justice: The Heart of Ivory Advocates

    Ivory Advocates supports clients to establish and maintain themselves as compliant entities in Uganda that are fit for purpose. This includes incorporation; licensing; tax and other statutory registration; management of regulatory investigations and compliance audits. We have built solid and dependable relationships with local regulatory authorities and over time, we have accumulated the necessary experience and knowledge to navigate the regulatory terrain.

  • Skilled Advocacy & Practical Solutions.

    Empowering Your Legal Journey: Where Skilled Advocacy Meets Practical Solutions - Trust Our Accomplished Law Firm to Champion Your Rights and Navigate Complex Challenges with Precision.

    Who We Are

    We are your Legal Gaurdians Defenders Of Truth Bridge To Justice

    Founding partners, Jamina Apio, Naomi Byabazaire and Shane Gloria. S. Mugenga birthed Ivory Advocates (formerly Apio, Byabazaire, Musanase and Co. Advocates) with the sole purpose of establishing the most dynamic and timeless law firm that not only Uganda but Africa has ever seen..

    With that in mind, the trio with combined legal experience of 28 years started one of the first all-female multi-partner firms in Uganda specializing in the most vital areas in the legal industry to date. These include vast expertise in Corporate law, Intellectual property law, Family law, ADR, commercial law, and Equity and Trusts. 

    It has been six amazing years of serving our clients with the passion that started us off in 2017. We look forward to serving more in the years to come.

    Ivory Advocates has built a network of law firms in different regions both within and outside our Ugandan borders equipped to handle and respond to the vast legal needs within the legal industry to achieve A Better Measure

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    Services We Provide

    Corporate Governance

    Corporate law is an essential tool used to govern business through regulation and engagement of companies, shareholders, investors, employees, regulators and other stakeholders.

    Business Law

    While handling business, different transactions may arise that require advisory and negotiation skills to achieve the desired result for the Client.

    Family Law

    We offer legal advice and services in matters that include; adoption of children, celebration of marriage, separation and dissolution of marriage, custody, equity and trust.

    Mergers, Acquisitions and Take overs

    Over time, many corporations may venture into mergers, acquisitions and takeovers as part of their business strategy. We, therefore, take it upon ourselves to cautiously understand the desired result of our clients in terms of documentation, negotiation,

    Tax and Revenue law

    Embark on a journey through the complexities of tax and revenue law, guided by our seasoned experts. From compliance intricacies to strategic optimization, our comprehensive solutions safeguard your financial interests and ensure regulatory adherence.

    Banking And Finance Law

    Banking and finance are the key aspects in facilitating commercial transactions and business in general. Our services include the preparation and review of Loan Documents, preparation and registration of Security Documents..

    Why Choose Us

    Experienced & Dedication to Client.

    We aim and commit to providing excellent Legal Services as the hallmark of our legal practice as a law firm. We like challenges and have a track record of dealing with complex matters; we set out to understand the nature and operations of our Clients’ business and adopt a relevant, prudently practical, thorough and efficient approach to our Clients’ needs.


    Integrity is the bedrock of Ivory Advocates, a law firm committed to unwavering honesty, ethics, and transparency.


    Commitment drives Ivory Advocates to tirelessly serve clients, providing dedicated, steadfast legal support and achieving their objectives with unwavering dedication.


    We believe that in order to create change in our society we need to nuture the next generation by fostering growth and excellence within our legal community.


    Excellence defines Ivory Advocates, as we relentlessly pursue the highest standards in legal practice, ensuring our clients receive exceptional representation.


    Our culture of innovation empowers our team to utilize cutting-edge technology and novel approaches to provide the most effective legal counsel in a rapidly evolving world.

    How We Work

    Easy step to protect the law by us.

    At Ivory Advocates, we believe that everyone has a role to play in upholding the integrity of our legal framework. Our comprehensive guide offers easy steps for individuals, businesses, and communities to contribute to a just and orderly society

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    At Ivory Advocates, we redefine excellence in legal services on a global scale. Our team of skilled professionals is committed to delivering unmatched quality, and dedication to clients around the world.With a deep understanding of international legal frameworks and a track record of success, we provide solutions that transcend borders. Experience the assurance of top-tier representation and advice tailored to your unique global needs. Choose Ivory Advocates  for a legal service that sets new standards of excellence worldwide.”